Young team of web developers with deepest affection for what we are doing.

Our three key principals are:

Respect Quality Responsibility


We develop sites of different directions, complexity and purpose. Variety from the landing page to the CRM system.

Developement of the CRM system

The CRM system is designed to optimize business processes, customer accounting and transactions. Habitual to many difficult-to-read excel tables are replaced here with convenient cards with a "user-friendly" interface. The CRM system combines in one convenient application most of the operations that requires the use of different resources, software services and synchronization without the CRM system. The processes in the CRM system are interrelated, synchronized and do not require special qualification of the employee for their use.

Developement of the ERP system

ERP system is a close relative of the CRM system and mainly differs in that the ERP system is imprisoned for the management of the company's resources, whereas CRM is managed by the customer relations department (these are orders, orders, customer data, etc.)

Development of sites with custom functionality

Authorization, statistics, export / import of data, calculators, table filters, site search, multimedia placement, mailing for subscribers. Integration with third-party services. Authorization through social networks. And much more. Individual development of the site for your needs.

Business card website

Business card website - a small site, usually consisting of one (or more) web pages and containing basic information about the organization, individual, company, goods or services, price lists, contact information.


Also we can develop an online store for small and medium business. Until 01.10.2019 orders for online stores are not being accepted.

Landing page

Landing page - a web page, the main task of which is collection of contact data for the target audience. Used to increase the effectiveness of advertising, increase the audience. The landing page usually contains information about the product or service.



Our clients are not only experienced entrepreneurs from small and medium business. Our clients are also a beginning entrepreneurs for whom it is especially important to build business processes in accordance to modern trends and market requirements. Automation of business processes becomes very urgent , because it reduces costs and improves the quality of services making the business faster, more reliable and predictable. The level of automation depends on the size of your enterprise.

A high quality website with functionality tailored for your business processes is not a tribute to fashion, it's an instrument which will facilitate the management of business and will free up your time that you will be able to invest to priority tasks.

If your budget does not allow you to develop a full-fledged CRM / ERP system immediately, it will be rational to develop separate components for processes for which you spend most of the current time. We treat with great respect our clients and our strategy is to build partnerships for the long term. We want to see how your business is growing and growing stronger and we want to do everything that our competence allows us!

Our Team

We are a young team of web developers. Respect, quality, responsibility are precisely those values that are professed by every team member and for which there can be no compromise. We are working closely on the task at hand in an effort to find the most effective solution that meets the requirements of our customers. We take only those projects in which we are competent. If we agreed to develop your project, you can sleep peacefully!


CEO, Full-stack developer


CEO, Back-end developer

Our partners

We cooperate with a number of specialists and in the next months several more professionals will be joining us.


The prices below are approximate. For more accurate calculation of your project, send us a technical assignment.



This range of prices for CRM / ERP systems of medium complexity depending on the required functionality. For example, the period of development of the system with a budget of $ 1000 on average is about 2 weeks.

from $700

Site with some custom functionality, admin panels

This could be, for example, a small site with authorization, user roles, sending emails or other small functionality for your individual needs.

from $350

Business card website or Landing page

Business card website, landing page can be simple or have a significant number of scripts, plug-ins.      Individual design costs more, but highlights you among competitors. Template solutions will save your money.

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